Yes. Thank you!
Actually I was expecting your response.
As ALWAYS helpful.

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Dear Larry,

The article
Blackshear WM, Phillips DJ, Chikos PM, Harley JD, Thiele BL, Strandness DE
Carotid artery velocity patterns in normal and stenotic vessels.
Stroke. 1980 Jan-Feb;11(1):67-71.

Does acquire spectral Doppler data from the ICA

The article
Bradshaw P, Casey E.
Outcome of medically treated stroke associated with stenosis or occlusion of
the internal carotid artery.
Br Med J. 1967 Jan 28;1(5534):201-5
47 patients with
stroke were admitted to the department of neurology of the
United Sheffield Hospitals and shown by arteriography to have
occlusive lesions of the appropriate internal carotid artery.
These included 24 with stenosis and 23 with occlusion,

site of the lesion was within the proximal 2 cm. of the internal
carotid artery in 44, adjacent to the carotid canal in two, and
in the siphon in three.
A neck bruit, detected in 12 patients, was audible over the
appropriate side of the neck in nine and was heard on both
sides in three.

As I've lost access to FLOWNET, please confirm that you've received this.

Your fan

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Subject: Re: ICA Criteria

Ann Marie Kupinski set me on this journey to find out “who said” the
criteria is for the first few cms of the ICA. I could not find it in several
books. Do you or anyone actually know a citation for this?

I am not arguing its correctness, obviously don’t evaluate high velocity
where there is no plaque and that farther portions of the ICA do not have
enough plaque to make a stenosis in the overwhelming number of people. But who
actually wrote it done or proved it in a paper?

Looking for history, flownetters......

Larry Needleman

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