Hi Bridget,

I'm no expert on this species, but here is my report on a PHVI that I
observed on 5/16/18 at Fairfield Swamp WMA -- French Hill Access.  I think
it shows my thought process in narrowing it down to a PHVI vs. REVI:

"Compared with Red-eyed Vireo: song slower, weaker, less insistent,
choppier, more pauses; dark eye line and light eyebrow stripe were barely
noticeable; less active than typical REVI; body more compact, less sleek.
Clear, pale breast--could not discern any yellow. Looked very much like a
Warbling Vireo; If it hadn't been singing, I would have assumed it was a
WAVI. I listened to this bird for about 10 minutes and watched it high in a
tree for several minutes, during which I had some clear views of its head
and breast."

I would add that it's easy to jump to conclusions on this species, so I
think it's important to distinguish it from REVI by more than one criteria,
including song, appearance, and behavior.  In this case, it was the
non-typical REVI song that caused me to look at this bird more closely.  I
was fortunate that it stayed in view long enough to get a good look at it.
There might be others who are more experienced with PHVI and can ID it more
readily, but for myself, I want to see several factors before declaring it

--Ken Copenhaver

On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 10:19 AM Bridget Butler <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Greetings All!
> I feel like I'm seeing a number of reports on Philadelphia Vireos in a
> number of different places recently.
> I've not much experience with this bird and have been reading up on tips
> for identifying the bird (including studying images) in relation to other
> vireos and warblers like the Tenessee Warbler. I'm wondering if I'm seeing
> them but just not really locking in on an id.
> Wondering if those of you with experience with this bird might share your
> own thinking on how to tease this bird out from others? What do you look
> for or notice in terms of both plumage AND behaviors?
> Thanks in advance!
> Bridget
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