This is first year Orioles here have come to suet and the two males
now dominate the feeder...their warning hiss/clicks to each other and
to other birds is a bit sinister, very effective. Not sure if weather
/lack of insects is involved in this oriole hunger for suet. Also
wonder if I'm the only one with a red squirrel problem with orange
halves ie one here simply guards the fruit until it's finished it. As
to jelly not having grape I put out lingonberry and the catbirds
scarfed it.... the comedy of trials and errors : ).Veer Frost,
Passumpsic NEK

On 5/17/2019 at 7:44 PM, "Martha Pfeiffer"  wrote:Several years ago I
put up the red plastic Oriole feeder and didn't have any takers even
though I did have an Oriole or two passing through in migration.  A
couple of weeks ago one came to my suet feeder for a flash of a
second.  Yesterday, another appearance.  This bird went right to the
suet location but I  had stopped putting it out for a few days because
of the influx of black birds and Jays.  So off went the Oriole.Today I
hear one singing near my property.  I would love to know what kind of
feeder to use - how to put out oranges,  location of feeder, or any
secret methods of attracting an Oriole.Maeve, your story left me
yearning!!  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  Martha Pfeiffer, Dorset