Good birding (although rain most of the morning hours) along the River Road
in Orleans and up through South Bay WMA and Eagle Point today. As of 2:30
pm. 102 species were recorded. Among some of the 'finds' on NEK Audubon's
Quest for birds were:

7 American Bitterns

3 Virginia Rails

25 greater Yellowlegs (1 we identified as Lesser) 

14 Solitary Sandpipers

2 Blue winged teal

2 Gadwall

A Great Egret !!

3 Bald Eagles

4 Lesser Scaup

1 Pied billed Grebe

18 Warbler species including Wilsons

And over to Moose Bog 

3 Black-backed Woodpeckers

1 Spruce Grouse


Where are the flycatchers? 



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Tom Berriman