At 46 degrees and 8-10 mph winds this morning in Victory WMA I almost called
it quits. Fortunately walking along the road slightly north of the
'Blowdown' I ran into several warbler species with Bay breasted being the
primary warbler. While trying to catch some snap shots of them a Cape May
arrived along with a handful of Magnolias, Nashville and Yellow-rumped. A
Canada Jay called and so did a Black-backed Woodpecker but I had no time to
bother with them. The Bay breasted foraged for a good 40 minutes singing and
interacting with  one another before moving on. 

  Then things got really exciting. Bob, Pete and Karen from Rutland arrived
and were headed into the blowdown to bird. We spent a few minutes on the
road looking for a Canada Warbler when I heard the weirdest sounding
Northern Parula sing. Zeroing in on the song I realized it was a Prairie
Warbler 25 feet away. I think a first for eBird Essex County. The warbler
was very accommodating and gave us great views while singing every half
minute or so. On my eBird report I listed 7 Bay breasted but I was so busy
taking photos I'm sure there were several more. Nikon's new Z-7 allows you
to crop 90% of a Jpeg so documentation of warblers is no problem. 



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Tom Berriman