At the Conte NWR yesterday Matt and I heard a slightly slower/different
singing vireo than the 'typical' Red-eyed Vireo song heard all summer long.
We decided it was worth investigating and quickly found a Red eyed at the
top of a birch tree 125 feet away. While I make great effort not to use play
back devices (and frown on their overuse)  as an experiment and because I've
frequently questioned just what is the difference in those 2 species songs,
I played the Philadelphia Vireo song. I got an immediately response from the
Red eyed which flew down to within 12 feet to investigate. I guess it wasn't
much of an experiment now that I think about it but I was curious to see if
a Red eyed responded to the Philadelphia song, it did...but now that just
opened a whole new set of questions for me. Anyway I am always thinking and
looking for yellow/yellowish throat area with Philadelphia Vireo.I don't see
one every year..I just looked at my 'sketchy' past records of that species
with few if any comments. Over 12 years, September being the month I
reported seeing one and with two reports in the last week of May. 



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