I just spent the last 90 minutes birding Colchester Pond, west side, and below the bridge.  The birding was not epic, but it was still excellent. Here are the highlights:

1 Philadelphia Vireo
1 Louisiana Waterthrush, singing, along stream below one-lane bridge.
4 Cape May Warblers
1 Wilson’s Warbler
1 Tennessee Warbler
1 Northern Waterthrush
1 Black-and-White Warbler
3 Blackpoll Warblers
4-5 Magnolia Warblers
1 Chestnut-sided Warbler
3-4 American Redstarts
5-6 Common Yellowthroats
8-10 Yellow Warblers 

Complete checklist will be posted on eBird later today.

Scott Morrical 

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