Five brave birders set out in the rain for Grantham Bird Club’s Friday walk at Eastman Village in Grantham.  Cornell’s maps were white hot with migration Thursday night, so we gambled on hitting a fallout.

When the rain stopped at about 9am, our faith was rewarded with lots of active birds and great looks at at least six warbler species.  Many birds were seen at close range hawking insects in low brush around the Eastman Polishing Ponds and Eastman Brook.  Catbirds and chestnut sided warbler were abundant new arrivals.

The highlight of the walk was a female nighthawk perched on a branch and seeming to draw the attention of several black-capped chickadees.  E-bird list and digiscoped nighthawk photo at:

We picked up 33 species, and probably could’ve gotten 40-50 easily if we’d had time to keep birding.

The Eastman Village District trails are open to all Eastman Residents and their guests and Grantham Residents who obtain a day parking pass from Eastman’s South Cove Activity Center.

Good birding,

Sheridan Brown

Grantham, NH