Hi VT Birders -

Audubon Vermont is working with Vermont Fish and Wildlife to conduct a swift "blitz" this spring and summer.  See info below.  We've created a special Chimney Swift project on eBird, so if you submit any sightings, please share with the project named "CHSW_Survey."  More information and instructions can be found on our website at

In an attempt to evaluate the population size and critical habitat for Chimney Swifts in Vermont, Audubon VT is gathering as many observations of Chimney Swifts as possible, with special attention paid to the following urban areas in Vermont:

-        Barre

-        Bennington

-        Burlington

-        Brattleboro

-        Essex

-        Manchester

-        Middlebury

-        Montpelier

-        Newport

-        Rutland

-        St. Johnsbury

-        Swanton

-        Springfield

-        White River Junction

-        Woodstock
We ask people to focus efforts to look for Chimney Swifts during two different time periods:

1)     Mid/late May - mid-June

2)     Mid/late July - mid- August
The best time of day to observe Chimney Swifts is in the late evening/dusk.  Take an evening stroll in your neighborhood or favorite swift sighting area with your binoculars and count the number and location where you see and hear the birds.
For more information on how to identify Chimney Swifts by sight and sound, see and

Please submit your observations to eBird.  If you have already seen Chimney Swifts this year and have submitted your sightings on eBird, please go back to share those sightings with the Chimney Swift survey project (CHSW_Survey).

Thank you! Enjoy your evenings out and about looking for these wonderful birds.

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