Hi Sue:

We visited Cape Cod twice in the nineties with my daughter.  Of course, we visited the Audubon Center there.  The first time we were there, I went on a birding trip to North Monomoy.  I remember that they used a flag to determine if the water was too rough for our small boat to travel on.  If it was too rough there wouldn't a trip out there.  The day I went, the boat was able to make it.

I remember there were gulls nesting, and a large Black-backed Gull looking to steal some eggs.  And I remember there was a male Black-bellied Plover there in full breeding plumage!  The guide was quite surprised he was there and not up in the tundra.  You'd think I would have known a Black-bellied Plover from a Sanderling!

I get a weekly email from the American Bird Conservancy in which they highlight a species with information about the bird and a short video showing it in action.  Last week they highlighted Sanderling.  So now I think I'll be able to tell the difference between the 2 species.

Hope this info helps.


PS:  I'm looking forward to your walks at the Miller Hill Farm and Mt. Independence.

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Has anyone visited Monomoy on Cape Cod? If so any advice would be appreciated .
Please contact me directly.
Sue Wetmore

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