Golf, I agree sucks.  Even worse is watching it on the tube.

Gardening, well we differ on that.  Already got bags of potting soil,
heat mats are ready, and LED grow lamps are on the way.  The guest
bedroom won't be the same.  Pam in particlar wants complete darkness.
When she was on the LR sofa, she covered up even the WIFI lights.

Only so much I can do on the patio (not that it gets much sun).

Today would have been the pick-of-the-month over here, but I have to
finally get my taxes done.  And I still feel like parc after whatever
norovius knocked me down.  At least I am motorvating now.

Took a drive up the hill yesterday when the fog cleared.  StupidStar
looked like a swarm of ants from the BloodShed lot.  No, thanks.  Only
game in town, the rest of K-Mart did not fare well during the

PaulT  Don't get old, guys.  60 is NOT the new 50.

On Mon, 6 May 2019 02:26:33 +0000, you wrote:

>Too bad, whoses ....... gardening and golfing sucks.
>Some recent good news is that friend and classmate Mia passed her AMGA Ski Guide Exam in Valdez.  If she passes her Alpine Aspirant and Alpine Exam, she will be IFMGA Certified Guide. What's astounding is that she is 54 years old and to advance that far at that age is unfathomable. We're truly living in a world where almost anything is possible.
>Tired of waiting for the rains to end - 21 out of 30 days in April it rained in the city of Boston - I hoofed it up Right Gully on Saturday morning going climbers right of Lunch Rocks to avoid being in the line of fire from Headwall and Sluice icefall. Just exercising good mountain terrain management and yes there was a small minivan sized block of ice sitting in front of Lunch Rocks. Right Gully had great coverage and as the day went on, the sun sorta' came out and we had our biggest crowd of the season. I guess people are fed up with being inhibited by rain and just wanna' go out and ski, weather be damned.  I had some great turns in Left Gully as fellow patrollers Ron, Liz, Nate and I had a great time making many turns. New caretakers Sebastian and Zack were with us too as was a potential Patrol candidate Brian.  We then had a blast doing a disrecommended exit from the Bowl which generated great camaraderie. With the larger crowds and great turns, our spirits were high and it felt
>like the good 'ol Tucks days again. It made ya' wanna' sing. Okay, everyone, let's have a chorus to the Beatles song "Yellow Submarine" ....We all ski in Tuckerman Ravine, Tuckerman Ravine,Tuckerman Ravine ...We all ski in Tuckerman Ravine, Tuckerman Ravine,Tuckerman Ravine .........uh-oh......At roughly 5:00pm, fellow patroller Kevin gave out an edict over the radio for all patrollers to report to the Ranger Cabin just as we were planning for bbq. Whaddya know, there was an incident in Right Gully after we left the Bowl.  Yeah it involved a technical lower and a heavy duty carry out over snow, ice, steeps and boulders down to Hermit Lake. Liz the Ragged PD and Nate the former Attitash PD (he moved into Attitash management) did stellar work on their first major Tucks incident which really impressed me and potential patrol candidate Brian was super helpful and effective.  With the latter we unanimously agreed to pressure our PD to get him on the patrol. Can't give out more details -
>that's the MWACs job.
>Afterwards, we finally got to our bbq and had some great conviviality and I was psyched to see some new stars shine in our community. Liz' Senior patroller skills really shone.  Yeah, her skiing rocks too.
>Today, we had tasks to do to haul gear back up to Connection which all came after we had an intensive de-briefing of our work from the prior evening. We critiqued and came up with items to improve upon - remember, NO rescue is ever perfect. But we did kick a$$.Had some nice turns in Left Gully.
>Mark P. Renson 
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