Hiya folks.

I have a Principal who has asked questions that seem to need an integration
response instead of a technical response (of which I am apt to provide) for
a music teacher who has been identified as moving from Mac laptop to
Chromebook.  I was wondering if there was someone out there who supports
music curriculum within the Googlesphere/Chromebook environment that might
be able to chime in with some answers or perspective.

...our music teacher, identified the following needs of his device:  1)
> being able to play cds   2) being able to record music (he uses garage
> band) using multiple tracks and generating music electronically to
> accompany  3) a way to import and or create  music tracks and share them
> easily (he creates files which he emails as attachments -- I'm thinking
> this could happen in drive.

The first question I see as easily met by providing an external/portable
CD/DVD player that can connect to our presentation devices (projector,
Promethean Board, classroom speakers).  Really it is number 2 and 3 that I
was looking for help with.

Thanks in advance.  On or off list is fine.