Please keep responses on the list… or at least include me… because we’re in the same boat here.

  1.  Covered, USB drives.  Did you know that the VLC app can actually play a DVD on a Chromebook as well?
  2.  Our middle school (6-8) music teacher has been using SoundTrap ($4/user) and Noteflight ($2/user) with success.  SoundTrap does the recording and creating and Noteflight does something with teaching and notation (I’m not sure what all that means, just that she really, really likes it).
     *   MusicFirst (Jason Panucci – [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>) bundles the 2 together along with some support, premium content, etc.
     *   A rough idea of cost is 600 users for $2400
     *   Still WAY,WAY, WAY cheaper than a bunch of Macs.
  3.  Drive is a great way to share, but would something like SoundCloud or BandCamp work?  What about using a podcast type host?

Moving from a “premier” device to a Chromebook is daunting and a lot of our work in this process is to help the user understand that it doesn’t have to be a step-down.

I look forward to hearing about other solutions you all have found.


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Hiya folks.

I have a Principal who has asked questions that seem to need an integration response instead of a technical response (of which I am apt to provide) for a music teacher who has been identified as moving from Mac laptop to Chromebook.  I was wondering if there was someone out there who supports music curriculum within the Googlesphere/Chromebook environment that might be able to chime in with some answers or perspective.

...our music teacher, identified the following needs of his device:  1) being able to play cds   2) being able to record music (he uses garage band) using multiple tracks and generating music electronically to accompany  3) a way to import and or create  music tracks and share them easily (he creates files which he emails as attachments -- I'm thinking this could happen in drive.

The first question I see as easily met by providing an external/portable CD/DVD player that can connect to our presentation devices (projector, Promethean Board, classroom speakers).  Really it is number 2 and 3 that I was looking for help with.

Thanks in advance.  On or off list is fine.



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