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I know that "Food analysis using Isotopic Techniques" (FIT-PTSproficiency scheme complies with the ISO/IUPAC/AOAC International Harmonised Protocol for Proficiency Testing of analytical laboratories and is dedicated to the isotopic analysis (including deuterium and oxygen 18 in liquid water samples). 

For further information and details regarding the proficiency testing scheme, please contact: [log in to unmask]

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Subiect: [ISOGEOCHEM] Water stable isotopes worldwide intercomparison
Hi isogeochemists.

Do any of you know of any worldwide provider of proficiency tests for isotopic relations in deuterium and oxygen 18 in liquid water?

I know the wico program of the IAEA, but I need one with ISO 17043 certificate and I found that, although wico performs the test very well, it does not have this accreditation.

Thanks for the attention.