Hi Robert,


Don’t know about Callisto, but a friend of mine with the previous software had a similar problem.

If he re-started the computer each day the problems were significantly reduced – like one of the buffers was only being cleared out on re-booting.

He then started to turn the source off then back on again each day and reckoned the problem went away completely. I could never work out why this should make a difference but he swore blind it did. The jury is still out on that one …

At the time I spent a significant amount of time examining his traces / data and could see no evidence of flashover – in fact it usually stopped during the CO2 analysis part of the run where the source was at 2500V, flashover usually occurs during the N cycle when the source is at 4500V.

Probably worth asking Andy / Wayne at Sercon if they can have a look at the software for you or tell you which buffers to check.




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From: Stable Isotope Geochemistry <[log in to unmask]> On Behalf Of Robert Van Hale
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Subject: [ISOGEOCHEM] Callisto software crashes


Dear I-listers,

We have a Callisto software-powered 20/20 irms with electronics update and the software has taken to crashing, giving the error message:


EA N and C batch:

Plot buffered Data Graph:

Error Subscript Out Of Range

Select signal: a=1 b=1 c=1

n=601/9919 GP=639


Initial advice from Sercon was that flash-overs were occuring in the source to cause this. These stoppages continue to occur however after two re-builds of the source. We have taken to restarting the computer on a daily basis, which may have lowered the incidence – or may be a lucky streak.

Has anyone seen this before? (the stoppages, that is, not the lucky streaks)


Thanks very much

Robert Van Hale