Dear Colleagues,

Please consider submitting your abstracts to our session "PP017: Global Monsoons: Improving Predictions for Future Sustainability"

This year, AGU will be from 9th to 13th December in San Francisco and the abstract deadline is 31st July 2019. Session details and description are provided at the end of this email for your reference.

Session Details: Monsoon is a unique feature of Earth’s climate, associated with an annual reversal of surface winds determining the economy and well-being of a significant global population. Seven major monsoonal-systems operate through Eurasia-to-Australia, Africa and America, relating to heat transport across regions.  This session will focus on improving the predictability of the Global monsoon, with a particular focus on Global sustainability. This emerging global monsoon concept in climatology manifests as coupled atmosphere-land-ocean-cryosphere-biosphere interactions, and while the ultimate driver for monsoons is solar forcing, several local factors provide significant feedbacks. The challenge is to understand these complexities and enhance predictability. The paradigm of “thinking Global and looking local” deserves significant attention for improving predictability on a local scale. The present session will aim to understand how paleo records can allow improvement in the forecast through downscaling. It will also discuss the type and nature of paleo-records necessary to improve prediction of seasonality, quasi-periodicity, irregularity, and instability.

The invited speakers are:

 Ann Holbourn (University of Keil, Germany)

David Dettman ( University of Arizona, USA)

We look forward to seeing you at AGU


Prosenjit, Chris, Ashok and Kaustubh