Dear Isogeochemers,

We invite abstracts to a special session at AGU 2019 (San Francisco, CA from 9-13 December) focused on carbon cycling in hothouse worlds. 

Title: Session ID: PP016 - Global Carbon Cycling in Deep Time: Feedback Mechanisms in Hothouse Worlds

Session Abstract: Hothouse worlds preserved in deep time geological archives record major carbon cycle perturbations that are key to understanding the climatic and biotic responses to external forcings and associated feedbacks. Although imperfect analogues to current and near-future global climate change, the range of exceptional warming events are our most direct window into understanding future climate scenarios and improving global climate models. This session focuses on highlighting research on past warm intervals from the late Paleozoic and Mesozoic (e.g. OAEs, LIPs) and Cenozoic (e.g. PETM), with an emphasis on the timing, controls, and associated biogeochemical feedbacks.We aim to bring together researchers from a range of disciplines (i.e. proxies, modelling simulations) to shed light on the paleoclimatological and paleobiological response and feedbacks. We particularly welcome submissions that utilize novel geochemical proxies.

Access session to submit abstracts here:

We’re pleased to announce our invited speakers are:

Jeremy Caves Rugenstein, Max Plank Institute for Meteorology

Sarah Greene, University of Birmingham

Submission deadline: Wednesday 31st July

Thank you from the Conveners:

Amy Elson, University of Southampton

Gordon Inglis, University of Bristol

Jessica H. Whiteside, University of Southampton