Whom do you have your cards through? Readsboro had them through our old bank, our new bank doesn’t do business cards, and now that we have a new foreman, we are having difficulties getting Citizens to give us a card for the new foreman….



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Richmond VT has a credit card that we only use for things that we have to use a card for, like website renewal. We adjusted the due date of the payment so it falls far enough after a SB meeting so we can get them a check cut and avoid late fees.

Josh Arneson


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Hi Ulla,


The Town of Westford has 5 credit cards, 1 each for the following departments:  Town Clerk, Town Treasurer, Librarian, Road Foreman and Rec Coordinator.  Each has a maximum limit.  The limit for the Rec Coord and Librarian is lower than the the remaining depts.  Each card has the name of the person who holds that position along with Town of Westford.


When a purchase is made, whether online or at a store, the card holder must code and submit the receipt for the bookkeeper to compare against the monthly statement.


If an employee leaves the Town of Westford, the card that was issued to them is cancelled and a new one is issued with the name of the new employee.


I hope this helps.




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Could you please let me know if your town does have a credit card and how is it handled??

We are thinking of getting one.


Ulla Cook, Treasurer, Ludlow