As Chair of the VMCTA Fundraising committee I thought this would be a good opportunity to give an update on the fundraising activities for the annual meeting.

Please consider donating some type of item for the raffle.  Examples of past items - theme basket, individual items, WINE, scratch tickets...
Tickets are $1 a piece or 6 for $5..  Drawings will  be done by the committee members just before noon on Friday and the winning ticket will be taped to the item.   Please do not leave on Friday until you have checked to see if you are a winner..  (If you can not be there on Friday please leave your ticket with someone or write your name and town on the back of the ticket and we will send home with a neighboring town)

50/50 raffle each day..  (price the same as above)   Thursday drawing  after banquet/Friday during lunch..

Logo items will be on sale both days or you can order from me at anytime. (check out website for what is available)

After the banquet activities we will again have an auction of a few items. I have made two small lap afghans this year.  Hopefully Priscilla Aldrich can get Chad to donate a Johnson blanket again. We need 2 or 3 other items.  Please contact me directly if you have something for the raffle.  Consider contacting your local bank for a gift basket..

Checks are accepted..

This year I will not have to be worrying about getting called away for a kidney transplant for my husband like the last two years as he got his transplant on March 16th at MGH.  He is doing great with  it and we actually go to Boston on Sept 10th for his 6 month checkup...



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Good morning, the VMCTA’s Executive Board have mailed the packets for their annual meeting to be held in Fairlee, Vt at Lake Morey on September 12 and 13 with an Athenian class to be held on September 11th to all clerks and treasurers of the state.  There was one error on the registration form that is in the packets which is it listed last year’s Athenian class and not the current one being offered.  To see the complete registration packet for the annual meeting (which includes the correct registration form) visit  We will be accepting either registration form for the conference.


Also included is the nomination forms for the Clerk of the Year, Treasurer of the Year, Assistant Clerk of the Year and Assistant Treasurer of the Year.  So be sure to nominate your well deserving clerks and treasurers and their assistants.





Donna Kinville


South Burlington City Clerk, MMC & CVC

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