I'm hoping to develop a theme for book talks coming up, and need your investigatory help.

The Jews in Nazi concentration camps were first "de-liced" -- sprayed with pesticides upon arrival, as women and men were stripped naked in front of each other and hosed down. WHAT PESTICIDE WERE THEY SPRAYED WITH? (I know this seems the least we should worry about, given how it all played out, but I'm going to make a point, in broadening my talk.)

The prisoners in today's concentration camps for migrants in the southwest are also torture chambers. Even U.S. congress reps are outraged, and that takes some doing. The language used by border patrol agents is the same as the Nazis, and also the same as th Israeli's disregard for Palestinians's humanity. The same as expressed by U.S. military leaders towards the Vietnamese people.

Democracy Now this morning (Wednesday) had an incredible report of prisoners forced to drink water out of toilets because no other water was provided, made to stand pressed up against each other and to sleep that way because they are treated as sardines, less than human, with no room to lie down -- for many weeks at a time. This is torture, pure and simple. Jerrold Nadler rightly condemned what's going on in the U.S. concentration camps. And now peace activists are being arrested and put on trial for the dastardly "crime" of leaving jugs of water in the desert for human beings to be able to drink it .... and ICE and Border Patrol have been dumping out the water. The Water-providers are facing 10 years in jail each!!!!

So, I want to know, WHAT PESTICIDES IS THE GOVERNMENT AND AGENCIES SPRAYING THESE MIGRANTS WITH? Again, it's the least of what we've got to worry about, sort of, given the circumstances -- and yet, I believe it makes the historical connection that will also enable me to start my book talks on that note to people who may be against peticides but not supportive of migrants, and then dive further into the politics of pesticides. So, do you know the answer to WHAT PESTICIDES WERE USED BY THE NAZIS, AND ARE BEING USED TODAY?

Thanks for helping me out, and reclaiming a semblance of morality in the midst of the iron heel of fascism coming down.


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