A few years ago I asked to be taken off this list.  I subscribed by mistake when I learned that 
Science for the People was being revived, and although I soon found the right address,
somehow I was unable to leave this one.   This looks like the right time to ask again to be
removed.  Please!

There is a Russian left, by the way.  It's hard to find, given the repression, and it helps to 
read Russian.  Here are a few pointers.

Once again, please remove my address from this list.

Michael Harris

On Jul 11, 2019, at 22:47, Jim West <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Michael Goldhaber,

Have you verified the "White Helmets". They are portrayed as heroes by NBC, CBS, PBS, etc. This is the group that claims to have witnessed Syrian atrocities and saved lives. However, it has been revealed that it is a propaganda group, funded by US and UK at $100 million, staging gas attacks and other atrocities in Syria.

Eva Bartlett, a Canadian journalist, explains what she saw in Syria. Jimmy Dore spoon-feeds us, as a mainstream journalist challenges her.

Jim West

I don’t understand what David  Barouh is doing on this list. Does he have any knowledge whatsoever about Science, much less Science for the People ? Certainly what he has to say about Russia in comparison with Hillary Clinton is despicable nonsense.

As one of the founders of Science for the People, and a former list moderator, I am deeply disturbed by many of the recent posts.

Two further points:
First, Contrary to Claudia’s memory, I don’t recall any specific rules barring discussion of “partisan politics.” Indeed, it’s unclear to me how that would make any sense for a specifically political organization such as SftP. Even if that is —rather oddly—interpreted to mean no specific backing of either of the two major American parties, it still could hardly be beneficial to the overall discussions’ cogency. Given that we now have one party almost uniformly opposed to everything SftP has stood for, it seems especially unworkable now.

Second, in reference to the supposedly international character of this list—a rather small proportion outside the US in fact—it is relevant that anti-democratic, anti-human, anti-environment tendencies are evident in a growing number of countries, from Brazil to India to Turkey to Hungary and Poland, and including here, tendencies certainly deliberately abetted by Russian actions. They deserve international opposition.


Michael via iPhone, so please ecuse misteaks.