Hey Steve,

So which of the German parties -- Communist or 
Socialist -- are you equating today's Democratic Party with?
Just asking ....


At 05:17 AM 7/5/2019, Steve Nadel wrote:
>If we really want to make comparisons to 
>Germany, then remember the greatest failure of 
>the left in 1930’s Germany was the Social 
>Democrats & Communists seeing each other as 
>greater threats/rivals than the fascists
>>On Jul 5, 2019, at 12:21 AM, Mitchel Cohen 
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>>I have an additional comment. If some people 
>>are truly horrified at what is happening in 
>>this country -- on par with Germany in the late 
>>30s -- then how could they say that the answer 
>>is to wait until 2020 and "vote them out"?
>>Surely, a great deal of other actions would be required, no?
>>That's another reason why I don't believe the 
>>national Dem Party is honest (ahem) nor that 
>>the answer is to elect Dems to national office, 
>>although I think individuals on the local level can make a difference.
>>At 02:23 AM 7/5/2019, you wrote:
>>>Carol:Â  As Kamran says, SftP list is not a 
>>>place for political party postings. Â
>>>In addition, you may not realize that the SftP 
>>>list is international, and as such USian 
>>>politics are not what many non-USian members want or expect.Â
>>>Suggesting that people can just delete is 
>>>inappropriate: it is for posters to consider 
>>>the appropriateness of what they post, before they post.Â
>>>I appreciate your sincerity and sense of 
>>>urgency, Carol - in many ways I share it! - 
>>>but I would strongly urge you not post "Force 
>>>Mutiplier" or other partisan political 
>>>material to the Science for the People list-serv.
>>>Thank you,
>>>Claudia Pine
>>>a list moderatorÂ
>>>On Thu, Jul 4, 2019 at 8:47 PM Kamran Nayeri 
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>>>Have you joined this list recently? How has 
>>>Multiplier been allowed to post to this list?
>>>May be an officer of SftP can address this question.Â
>>>At any rate, in my half doze years of being on 
>>>this list it is the first time I see a 
>>>political party brings its campaign to this 
>>>list.  If this be accepted how would SftP 
>>>limit other political parties to join 
>>>in--including Republicans without being drawn 
>>>into partisan politics. If that happens, it 
>>>would be the end of SftP because so far it has 
>>>been an anti-capitalist, socialist voice with 
>>>various tendencies reflected in its 
>>>deliberation but never a partisan group especially in the electoral arena.
>>>On Thu, Jul 4, 2019 at 5:59 PM Carol Axelrod 
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>>>Trump is a lot worse than obnoxious. If most 
>>>people on this list don't want to hear from 
>>>Force Multiplier any more I'd hope they'd let 
>>>me know. It sounds like you two don't.Â
>>>It's very easy to delete my emails if you'd prefer.
>>>But it makes me sad that you really believe 
>>>HRC would have been as bad as Trump. You 
>>>almost sound like you'd vote for him which breaks my heart.
>>>On Thu, Jul 4, 2019 at 4:28 PM David Barouh 
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>>>It's always the same BS. One candidate is 
>>>always better than the other. Trouble is 
>>>sometimes the "better" choice surprises you. 
>>>Clinton spent his entire eight years bombing 
>>>and starving Iraq. Obama bombed and invaded 
>>>how many countries? And it was the same with 
>>>Bush Jr. People now say that if Gore had been 
>>>president, "there wouldn't have been Iraq!" 
>>>Yet more bullshit. This article makes a 
>>>definitive case that Gore indeed would have 
>>>invaded Iraq:Â 
>>>Had HRC won the election instead of Trump, we 
>>>may already have had American jets trying to 
>>>enforce her insane "no fly zone" over Syria 
>>>and confronting Russian planes, and maybe even have had a nuclear war.
>>>The Dimwit Democrats are the ones currently 
>>>talking up war. Trump is obnoxious, but we're 
>>>not currently in a full-fledged war. We're 
>>>refueling Saudi planes in their bombing runs, 
>>>but that started under Obama, not Trump. This 
>>>is what voting for the two-party system always brings us.
>>>You're dreaming if you think there's a 
>>>significant change to be had with one or the 
>>>other of the two corporate parties.Â
>>>On Thu, Jul 4, 2019, at 2:45 PM, Carol Axelrod wrote:
>>>>I'm hoping that those that are that 
>>>>disillusioned may understand that this time 
>>>>if we don't understand the difference between 
>>>>Republicans and Democrats we're all toast. I 
>>>>think there are many thoughtful folks who 
>>>>agree that our system is not working but who 
>>>>know that we are not in a position to change 
>>>>it now and our very lives depend on turning 
>>>>Washington blue. And that applies not only to 
>>>>those of us educated, privileged types, but 
>>>>mainly the rest of the country and the world. 
>>>>We don't have the luxury of being politically pure at this moment. IMHO.
>>>>On Thu, Jul 4, 2019 at 1:42 PM Kamran Nayeri 
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>>>>But what if some of us think the problem with 
>>>>the U.S. politics is the two-party system and 
>>>>that the Democratic Party is as much an 
>>>>imperialist party as the Republican party? 
>>>>Should this list be turned into one 
>>>>supporting Democrats in the coming elections?
>>>>On Thu, Jul 4, 2019 at 9:22 AM Carol Axelrod 
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>>>>...the maniac in Washington is spending our 
>>>>money to display the size of his weapons. And 
>>>>he's plotting to circumvent the SUPREME COURT 
>>>>so that the census questionnaire can be 
>>>>another instrument of voter suppression. And 
>>>>the immigrants at the border are jammed into 
>>>>what amounts to stationary cattle cars. And, and, and...Â
>>>>So I'm not taking this week off. Trump and 
>>>>his gang must be removed from office in 
>>>>November 2020.  The best way we can do that 
>>>>is to empower voters of color, young people, 
>>>>women, LBGTQ communities, and the rest of us who are most vulnerable.
>>>>Multiplier is identifying grassroots 
>>>>organizations that are working to fight voter suppression in
>>>>Â key states. As usual, we've done the research so you don't have to.Â
>>>>Â When turnout is high, Democrats win!
>>>>No one knows that as well as the Republicans.
>>>>for lots of information about the seven 
>>>>organizations on our slate -- in North 
>>>>Carolina, Florida and Michigan -- all key states in the 2020 elections.Â
>>>>So please, in honor of the 4th of July, 
>>>>to save our country and the rest of the world.
>>>>Donate, and then go out and enjoy your 4th. 
>>>>My chicken wings are marinating as we speak.
>>>>With love,
>>>>Kamran Nayeri
>>>Liberty without socialism is privileged and 
>>>unjust; socialism without liberty is brutal 
>>>and tyrannical. Opinion without study is 
>>>ignorant and destructive; study without opinion is empty and mercenary.
>>>Kamran Nayeri
>>>Justice will not be served 
>>>those who are unaffected are as outraged as 
>>>those who are. ― Benjamin Franklin
>>>The day is coming when a single carrot, 
>>>freshly observed, will set off a revolution.  -- Paul Cezanne
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