Good morning,


I am writing to let you know that Sponsored Project Administration staff will be away from the office on July 2nd at an all-day work retreat in the Burlington area.


This work retreat is for the purpose of giving all SPA staff an opportunity to get together, think outside the box and contribute to the team’s agenda for the next year.  It plays an important role in renewing and sustaining an effective team.


To prepare for being out of the office, staff have been reaching out to our partners on campus to give them time to prepare and to make sure there are no interruptions to our customer service. 


At the same time, we will have coverage of [log in to unmask] and will address emergencies if any arise. 


Thank you,



Sonya Stern, MBA | Director | Signing Official

Treasurer-Elect, National Council of University Research Administrators Region 1

University of Vermont

Sponsored Project Administration

217 Waterman | 85 South Prospect Street

Burlington, VT 05405-0160

P: 802-656-1986 | [log in to unmask] |



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