This past week saw VCE double its mist net captures from a week ago, though
numbers of birds on the Mansfield ridgeline are still abnormally low, with
relatively few second-year (yearling) individuals. We're wondering if 2019
recruitment is low, either because the 2018 breeding season was subpar or
2018-19 non-breeding season survival was poor (or both). We captured the
season's free-flying juvenile-- a Hermit Thrush--and it will be revealing
to see how many juveniles of locally-breeding species appear over the next
4-5 weeks. Although there is a solid balsam fir cone crop developing, we
have yet to encounter a red squirrel (a major predator of open cup-nesting
birds) on Mansfield.

For more details and several of Chuck Gangas's and Mike Sargent's fine
photos (featuring some familiar faces), check the VCE blog post:

We'll be back up there next Tuesday-Wednesday,



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