Hi, below is a link to a straightforward wildflower i.d. database that
has been quite helpful. You tick the boxes and it comes back with
suggestions to look up, each of which is tagged with a photo.
I've used it for years when my book guides can't help. eg, a little
(1-1 12') sunflower grew up around a JoePye weed I got from my
favorite Ohio nursery (Bluestone), a fragile, beautiful thing, it
turned out to be a midwest species called Small wood sunflower, which
I got to from the Wildflower I.D. site! Still here ... good luck!Veer
Frost, Passumpsic NEK

On 7/11/2019 at 3:22 PM, "Ralph Palmer"  wrote:Greetings -

I'm pretty much a lurker on this list, even though we have had a
couple of
nice birds this year at our feeders - a Pileated a couple of times at
suet, and a couple of male Indigo Buntings regularly (i.e., multiple

I have a question about a wildflower. I can't seem to find it in
either my
Peterson's or in the Audubon Society field guide. I'm pretty sure it's
mustard family. At first, I thought it might be Arabis lyrata, but
are problems with that. Can anyone suggest a person or organization
might help with an id? I tried, pretty unsuccessfully, to take some
I got a decent one of the whole plant and a couple of the flower, but
basal rosette leaves didn't come out very well at all. Neither did the
closeup photo of the upper leaves.

If anyone is willing to help, or can point me in a good direction,
you should respond off list.

I appreciate your time and attention,


Ralph Palmer
Brattleboro, VT
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