I am glad to hear that. I am also living on a dirt road with widely spaced neighbors. I’s just such a change from previous years, and I will ask my neighbors about use of insecticides on teir flower beds.

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At our place we have bumble bees and honey bees and plenty of deer flies!
We are at the end of a dirt road with only woods behind for 30 sq. miles.
Suburbs might be different.  Just check out all the garden poisons on offer
at your local hardware store.

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> Where are all the insects? I used to avoid sitting outside for my morning
> coffee because of wasps and flies. I haven't seen a wasps in months, no
> bumble bees either, just carpenter bees that are hollowing out one of our
> house beams from the underside. The dish with the grape jelly and sugar
> water,  still left standing for straggling orioles and other insects. No
> bees. No robins either that used to run on our lawn, stopping suddenly to
> listen for worms. I think local beekeepers have given up because of the
> colony collapse syndrome. But correct me if I am wrong. There is something
> pernicious in the environment that causes these disappearances.
> Hilke Breder
> Brattleboro
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