Hi all,

  Along the lines of Becky's question, I've been considering ways to up my outreach game for my small hospital library. One idea that I think would be useful would be a one page flyer highlighting our most popular apps/mobile access instructions. Does anyone have any nice examples of a similar flyer they are able to share? 

I'll be happy to share the results of this query with any interested parties.

Thanks so much!


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Thanks so much to everyone who responded to my request for advice on how to do outreach to physicians.  I got a lot of good suggestions, and I'm excited to try them.
Below is a summary of responses:

Presentations and flyers are helpful.  Presenting at orientations was also suggested.
Current awareness, TOCs, Browzine, news, and search alerts are also helpful.  (Thanks again to Brian Baker for sending an example word doc for articles; I plan to adapt and use it for outreach.) Volunteering for committees was also recommended to make the library visible and keep abreast with topics of interest to physicians and administrators.
Another suggestion was to not get too bogged down with tech lingo; provide easy, direct links to info with as few clicks as possible; recommending good apps was also suggested.
Posting signage and sending out monthly emails is another good way to recommend resources and services.
Interlibrary loan and citation software were suggested as being particularly useful to physicians as well.


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From: Alford, Becky A
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Subject: outreach to physicians


I'm new to working in hospital libraries.  (I have lots of experience as an instruction librarian in academic libraries.) At my hospital librarians don't participate in rounds, but we will soon be doing outreach in the physicians' lounge.  (I have a laptop to do this.)

I'm planning on emphasizing our help with literature searches and finding  full text and also suggesting some helpful databases.

But I'm wondering, if you have done this kind of outreach, is there anything else you've done or offered that was particularly successful?  Or anything I should avoid?

Thanks much in advance!


Becky Alford,MLIS
Health Sciences Library
HSHS St. John's Hospital
800 E. Carpenter St.
Springfield, IL. 62769
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