Greetings, PIs, Business, and Grant Administrators,

Effective today, maintenance agreements or services contracts on scientific/technical equipment may be direct charged to a sponsored project funded with federal dollars, without completing the direct cost justification form, as long as the equipment maintenance expense follows the UVM’s Cost Policy on Sponsored Agreements, which is consistent with the criteria of the Uniform Guidance Subpart E - Cost Principles, as follows: 

Please note that the Direct Cost Justification Form has been updated to remove F6510 – Equipment Maintenance. For your convenience, attached is the new form, however, any updated versions will be posted to the SPA Forms Library.  Please begin using the new form effective immediately.

The responsibility to distribute only allowable and allocable equipment maintenance expenses remains with the PI and department.  Any costs found to be unallowable will be the responsibility of the PI, working with the department, to remove the expense from the project.

When is Direct Cost Justification Form Required?

The following budget categories will still require the PI and/or Dept. Administrator to submit a direct cost justification form to SPA for approval, prior to the budget line being opened for spending on any federally funded project.  Please work with your Award Acceptance Officer at time of award setup or your assigned Financial Analyst during award management.  Once approved, it is the responsibility of the PI and/or Dept. Administrator to monitor the expense(s) charged to these budget lines to ensure only those budget categories and specific expenses approved on the form have been charged directly against the project. 

F6002- General Supplies & Services

F6006 – Membership & Subscriptions

F6007 – Work Orders

F6020 – Computer Supplies & Services

F6301 – Utilities

F6320 – Telephone &Telecom Services

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your assigned SPA Financial Analyst for assistance.

Thank you.

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