One of the great mysteries of that Common Nighthawk migration that shows up
in Westminster Station this time of year is how they avoid Essex County to
the north  (with at least 50 miles of shoreline of the same river). I've
spent 8 evenings since August 15th (hours between 4pm & 7pm) checking
locations including the Victory Basin where there have been 3 or 4 reports
in past years with not one nighthawk sighting. True, I can't be at several
locations at one time each night but now it has become a puzzle that must be
solved. After last's nights report from Don Clark, I will try just one more
night and pick a location along the river and try one more time. But my
guess is there is some kind of 'black hole' in Essex County that the birds
must fly very high over or around to escape. It certainly isn't for lack of
insects! The variety and abundance of insects must be particularly good at
Westminster Station when they drop back down into Windham County. On a
positive note while sitting at Damon's Crossing one evening I did see for 20
seconds the first Northern Harrier of the year for Essex County, a male..but
he quickly escaped by flying below the radar of that 'black hole'.



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Tom Berriman