To the great minds of the list serve,

Our system: Delta V coupled to a costech EA via conflo IV

Our issue: Mass 30 is drifting to higher and higher voltages across multiple N2 on/off runs — more than a 1V increase from our first to fourth on/off. I can send pictures to individual emails if needed.

What we've tried thus far: 1)Replaced: the seals on the EA reactors, the copper wires in the reduction reactor, the water trap. 2) We turned on the heater to bake out the source and inlet. I believe this heater operates at a temperature of 50-80C. After the bake out, the amplitude of mass 30 was reduced, but the voltage drift was still there. 3) The problem presents itself in both EA mode and in the conflo only mode.

Any suggestions on what to do? Should this even be considered a problem as our standard deviation looks fine after the 3rd series of on/off runs?
Elliott Arnold
Pitt Geology