Hi Loic,

Thank you for the reply. I apologize on how late I was getting back to you but was out of office due to American Labor day. Our Pyrocube does not have a right door to view the motherboard. However, from looking through the front door it does not seem like there is a light flashing. The motor of the ball valve was audible. The com port (6) is active and working, I changed the connection to COM 5 and nothing changed.

Thank you for your help,

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Dear All,

The little buttom on the right corner is a "switch" for temperature. If the air ambient is too hot inside the Cube, the switch is triggered.
So, you will not be able to solve your connection problem like this.

The first thing to verify is when you switch on your Cube :
Do you hear the motor of the ball valve turned? Then, Open the right door and you can see the motherboard. You'll find a led flashing ?
(The LED must flash)
In addition, check in device manager that your com port (COM 3,4, 5 or 6) is active. You can change the USB port to check that.

Notice : Once the Cube is On, don't forget to wait 3 minutes before opening the software so that the CUbe initialization is correctly performed.

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