Hello everyone, we´re running deuterium measurement tests with GasBench and so far we have not been able to obtain the desired results.

The deviations are very high, even among the ten peaks of the same sample (between 0.8 - 3 ‰) and also when we compare the results of different vials containing the same sample (we´re introducing 5 vials per sample) the deviations reach values between 1 - 5 ‰.


We´ve noticed that after finishing a test, the level of mass 18 increases considerably. For example, we started running the test with 1400 mV in mass 18 and at the end of the test the intensity increased to 3700 mV. Could this be affecting the deltas? If this is the case, how can we fix it?

We also observe that the intensity of the 10 peaks decreases significantly, around 50% between the first and the last one (4500 mV to 2300 mV). Is it normal for it to fall so abruptly?


We would greatly appreciate your support. Regards.




Dominic Ángel