Dear all,

We would like to remind you of our session at the 2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting (San Diego, California; February 16th-21st, 2020) on high resolution geochemical proxies. Abstracts are due this Wednesday, September 11.

PC006. High Resolution, Geochemical Proxies of Global Change: Problems, Progress, and Utility

Knowledge of climate and environmental change throughout geological time is derived from deep-sea and terrestrial records representing long time scales. While records of climate and environmental changes at such time scales are essential, high-resolution records at seasonal, annual, and decadal scales are equally important and under-represented in the literature. Much of what we know about past environments is based on the geochemical signature in various proxy archives. While substantial progress continues to be made in this area, specific obstacles and problems do exist. We encourage papers presenting geochemical records of global change, including calibration/validation studies, in biologic or inorganic carbonates, and highly resolved (decadal resolution) sediments. Geochemical studies highlighting recent progress, problems, or utility in the marine environment are especially welcome.

Please consider submitting.


Nina Whitney, Iowa State University
Madelyn Mette, Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research
David Gillikin, Union College
Alan Wanamaker, Iowa State University