Greetings All!

The ABA Code of Birding Ethics is getting a 50th Anniversary makeover! And,
they're looking for feedback on the updated version by the end of September.

Here's the link for feedback:

I like to re-read these guidelines every so often to keep myself in check,
and to help me frame the birding experiences I lead. It reminds me too that
I'm a part of a larger community of people & I have a responsibility to
respectfully share these guidelines with others who may not be aware of the
ABA Code.

I'd also like to share here the North American Nature Photographer
Association ethics guidelines. Many folks in the birding community are
photographers as well and may be interested in their approach.

With fall migration upon us, let's reflect on what the birds we're watching
are up against and do the best we can to support them as they make their

Bridget Butler