Greetings Farmers,

I am writing on behalf of Salvation Farms' food hub in Winooski. Since 2016, we've cleaned, quality assessed, packed, processed, and distributed more than 450,000 pounds of Vermont grown surplus/seconds produce.

We are interested in working with more farmers this fall. We can receive and process quality culls from your fall harvest, wash/pack line, or storage facilities. Donated produce is then distributed to charitable food sites and vulnerable populations.

   - We arrange and cover all cost of transportation.
   - We prefer to move full pallets/bins of product, and will arrange shipping and return bins at no cost.
   - We provide a summary of your donations by crop at year end for tax deduction purposes.

Let us work together to feed more people in Vermont. We welcome your thoughts on how we can best serve you.

I look forward to hearing from you - please contact me at (631) 338-9729 or [log in to unmask].