I’m down in Saxtons River and had 2 of my last 4 Monarch chrysalises eclose this morning. Both girls, and thankfully it was sunny and warm enough that they both flew. I hope they clocked some serious southbound miles this afternoon. I’m worried about the last 2 I have, as they aren’t slated to eclose for another week to 10 days.  😬🤞🏽 

I have some potted Asters that have been covered with bumble bees, and many of them stay on the blooms all night. Some have died on the plants. Is this mortality normal? Related to the cold nights and where we are in the season? 🤔

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Warm sunny spot beside garage where bees still gather on Tithonia and coneflowers, the Comma fluttered right out of leafy litter and basked on garage wall. Thought I'd seen something too small to be a Monarch yesterday, this must have been it! (almost fits the Monarch sized hole in the heart!).

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