Good Afternoon Research Community,


I am writing to share that we have reached a milestone in our UVMClick implementation.  Last week, we have finalized the development of the funding proposal module.  This includes the smart forms - the pages that get filled out as part of developing proposals in UVMClick, as well as the help text language within the smart forms.  We also finalized the UVMClick-imbedded budget tool.


Our next steps with respect to funding proposals include creating the Funding Proposal User Guide, which will be used for PI and department research administrator training in early 2020.  Go-live is still planned for next spring.


In terms of remaining UVMClick development work, we are actively working on the awards and award mods modules. 


Feel free to contact me with any questions as we move this project forward.


Happy Thanksgiving,




Julie Macy | Team Lead | Signing Official

Proposal Submission | Award Administration

University of Vermont

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