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In line with the project plan, SPA research administrators are currently conducting user acceptance testing of the Funding Proposal part of the Grants module.  The main purpose of this testing is to validate the software against the business requirements.  SPA research administrators are utilizing real cases to perform testing of the smart forms - the pages that get filled out as part of developing proposals in UVMClick, the UVMClick-imbedded budget tool, and system-to-system submissions. We plan to complete this testing next week.  Concurrently, the team is finalizing the development of a comprehensive user guide.


As soon the system is confirmed to function per business requirements and deemed ready to move into production, we will announce educational sessions.  All members of the Funding Proposal user community, consisting of principal investigators and department research administrators, will be invited to attend either one or a series of two educational sessions, depending on the types of proposals they typically submit.  Each session will be 90 minutes long.  Separately, we will work with proposal approvers, and others who have a role in developing, reviewing, or submitting funding proposals.  We will provide more detail on the content and the timing of educational sessions within the next two weeks.


With respect to the Award part of the Grants module, we are concluding the development tasks and will begin user acceptance testing toward the end of the month.  SPA award acceptance and setup teammates have been balancing the normal awarding activities with time-consuming project tasks.  They are accepting and processing your award actions as quickly as they can. We appreciate your understanding and patience.


I will provide another update shortly.  Please let me know if you have questions or concerns with the above.



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