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This is being sent per Donna Silver’s request.  Please direct all questions to the undersigned.



Dear IACUC Researchers and Business Administrators,


The Research Protections Office has been working diligently to roll out the new UVMClick-IACUC protocol submission software.  As of January 6th, researchers were able to submit protocols through this new system.


Historically, the IACUC has required a one-protocol to one-grant submission review and approval structure.  While this method certainly made it easier to track certain items, such as allocation of animal costs, it was manual and placed additional burden on researchers to submit and maintain multiple protocols with identical procedures and very similar scientific aims. 


The new UVMClick-IACUC software allows for a one-protocol to many-grants option resulting in less burden to researchers as well as RPO staff.  This means that there will be only one protocol number assigned to multiple animal cages, which in turn may be funded by different sponsors.  It is not clear at this point if having only one protocol number will create problems.  We are providing this information early in the transition to provide you an opportunity to think about any process changes you may feel are necessary. 


The Office of Animal Care Management is currently negotiating the purchase of an Animal Operations module of the Click Suite.  This module has a bar-code system, which supports census requirements and is able to relate an animal cage to a specific grant number. Until the Animal Operations barcoding is implemented, researchers with approved one-to-many protocols will need to work with their business administrators to determine a system for allocating costs. We anticipate that any process change you make now to address matching animals to grants will be temporary. 


Thank you for your continued patience during this transition. 


Donna Silver, RPO Director

Research Protections Office


John Lovelette, Business Manager

Office of Animal Care Management


Alyssa Frizzell, Project Manager

Animal Resource Center




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