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Sponsored Project Administration (SPA) is your full-service administration and compliance office committed to assisting faculty, staff, and sponsors navigate the lifecycle of a sponsored project. SPA provides institutional approval for all proposal submissions, accepts awards on behalf of UVM, and facilitates award administration.


As we start a new decade I would like to remind campus that Sponsored Project Administration on behalf of the University of Vermont is the only office authorized to accept grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, and other related agreements, made in support of basic, applied or developmental research, research training, instruction, extension services, public services, VCHIP services, or any other type of sponsored project.


Most sponsored project awards received are in response to a proposal on file with SPA, however, there are circumstances where an award arrives on campus prior to a proposal and in those cases, SPA ensures a proposal is created and routed, which effectively collects department and college approvals that allow us to move forward with the award acceptance process.

Deliver Awards to SPA


·       To begin the review, negotiation and acceptance process, all awards, grants, contracts, agreements or otherwise must be received in SPA.

·       Award notifications can be received in various ways from our sponsors. Typically, SPA receives the award notification directly from the sponsor; however, if the award is received by the PI or Unit Administrator, the award must be forwarded to [log in to unmask].

·       SPA logs all awards received and each award is assigned to an SPA Award Acceptance Specialist who will coordinate and complete the acceptance process.

Award Acceptance Process


Details can be found on the SPA’s Accept Award webpage.

Characteristics of a Sponsored Project


Sponsored projects involve funding being provided to UVM from an external federal or non-federal sponsor under a grant, contract or other award document. The funding received is considered restricted and is used solely to support allowable costs necessary to advance the agreed upon scope of work. A sponsored project identifies a Principal Investigator who has project oversight, time commitments of UVM employees working on the project, a specific period of performance, requires programmatic and financial reporting, may include outgoing subawards, most often contain publication rights and conditions, patent and intellectual property rights and conditions.


No Money Exchanged Agreements


And don’t forget SPA has a process for reviewing, accepting and signing No Money Exchanged Agreements. To begin that process send the agreement to [log in to unmask].


Examples of No Money Exchanged Agreements:  



If you have questions or if you are unsure where an award document or agreement should be routed, please contact [log in to unmask]. We will navigate it together.


For reference, below are two offices that facilitate other types of and agreements.


UVM Innovations:

Examples of Agreements that should be directed to UVM Innovations - Office of Technology Commercialization include:

Office of General Counsel:

Examples of Agreements that should be directed to Office of General Counsel include:

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