Good Evening EWBbys!

This is your new secretary Jill reminding you that we are meeting tomorrow at 5:30 in Votey 205 like usual and Thursday at a time and location tbd for Valentine's bake sale things. We have a lot happening very soon, so stay tuned for the scoop!

Tomorrow we will dedicate most of our time to recap travel news/info/planning, and then possibly start planning logistics of our Krispy Kreme and valentine's day fundraisers. These subjects will be addressed more in-depth on Thursday's meeting, so if you have ideas/want to help bake try to make it to this meeting! The most urgent matter at hand for V-day is deciding what candy and table decor to buy that we could reuse in the future, so bring your candy opinions if you have them.

Attached is a link to a doodle poll for bake table slots! And remember ASCE is having an apparel sale at the same time, so cop their merch. <3

More info to come, see you lovelies tomorrow!