Excellent message, Abby. Thanks for pulling us back together and thinking ahead. 

I will be at the meeting Wednesday evening via Teams. 


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Hey everyone. 
Hope you are doing ok in this real life time of crisis. While EWB likely isn’t at the forefront of your thoughts/worries right now, we would still like to provide an update as to how things will be going for the remainder of the semester so you can come back whenever you feel you have time. Also, this email is going to be lengthy.

Firstly, it is time to bring in a new group of exec’s for this coming fall. IMPORTANT: If you are at all interested in running for an officer position, please fill out the form HERE ASAP so we can send out an online poll NEXT WEEK. If you are curious about the roles of a position, click HERE.

Meetings will not be held in person for the foreseeable future for obvious reasons. Right now, we are going to try to use Microsoft Teams. If you need to download Teams, go here. Our join code is 7gtrcjv. This coming week we will meet at our usual time: 5:30 on Wednesday on MS Teams. We’ll plan from there if we should keep that time or adjust based on people schooling from home.

Lastly, the trip to Arusha went very well. Here are some notes from Joe:
After concluding our assessment trip to Camp Joshua, part of Lohada Orphanage, and other related places, we have begun to think about the direction we want to head in. At the beginning of the trip, we visited Ngurdoto, a village serviced by well-build solar panel systems. We got an inside look at one of these systems, which is 21 panels and generates 6.7kW. This services 40 households.”...”We met the headmaster and some of the teachers, and lots of cute kids.” … “We took measurements such as the number of classrooms, how many had current lighting (and if the bulbs worked or not), the angles of the roofs, the height of the ceilings in the classrooms, the size of certain “holes” in the walls.” … “We continued to talk with the leaders of Camp Joshua. The need for lights is this: during the day, the sun provides enough light. But teachers tend to have kids study in the evening, and when the sun goes down, they can’t use the classrooms. Even in the case of the classrooms with grid lighting, it’s expensive, and other parts of the school may need the lighting more.” … “Later in the trip, we began to organize a meeting with a potential partner in the region: Don Bosco KIITEC, which offers classes and diplomas in telecommunications and electronics. They have a large solar panel system, which is very in depth.”
We will be talking a lot more about the trip at our meeting this coming Wednesday. Stay tuned!

SUMMARY: Fill out the form if you want to run for an officer position, sign up for the MS Teams group, and the trip to TZ went well!

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