The stable isotope question was not so much if it the “tablets” contained any Viagra or if there was a given or unique stable isotopic signature of Viagra as made by Pfizer. The initial question was if tablets that look like the real thing made by Pfizer and were packaged like Pfizer package the real thing could be easily and quickly distinguished from the real thing made by Pfizer. Yes, they can.


As it so happened, PCA of HNCO isotopic signature tightly clustered all the Pfizer samples (5 different batches purchased from 5 different suppliers). Pfizer must have the entire production process pretty much tightly sewn up. The counterfeit stuff did not even make it inside the 95% confidence ellipse based on Hotelling’s T^2.


Never one to trust anything or anybody unchallenged including myself, we asked a colleague to run all samples in a blinded fashion on his shiny expensive Orbitrap for API and impurities. He also could clearly distinguish between the genuine Pfizer product and the counterfeit but it took him much longer sample-prep- and analysis-time-wise.



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Hi Wolfram...


I have a methodological question... Would measuring the isotopic composition of Viagra be the best way to test if it’s the real stuff?



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Not really weird but certainly challenging:


Urine of neonates and preterm babies for energy expenditure determination using  the doubly-labelled water method.


Breath of neonates and preterm babies.



Other “oddities” included:


Lacustrine detritus from Antarctic dry valleys.


Soft tissue, axial skeleton, and spicules of gorgonians.


Viagra; purely for scientific reasons (to detect counterfeits); honestly.


Military explosives.


Hair and nails of Peruvian mummies.


Chaboutier Chateauneuf-du-Pape wine.








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Good afternoon to the isolated isotope geochemists of the world,


In addition to working on “regular” papers, I’d like to assemble an essay/blog this week about “weird, wacky, and funny” isotope samples. In my time, I’ve had several candidates.


Please send me yours! A paragraph on the context or a few sentences would help. Let me know if you’d like to be identified—or not.


This could be fun in itself.


Marilyn Fogel


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