How is everyone holding up with supporting remote teaching and remote work?


Most of you have probably seen this, but we have a new KB for working remotely which has a lot of information about services people can use for remote work (from Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint, to Cisco VPN and Jabber VoIP, and more).  We recommend you check it out and share it with your customers:


We recommend that you check this “working remotely” KB regularly, since that is where we’ll be adding new information as it becomes available.


There are a lot of new KB articles about tips and tools available.  Below are some of the new ones we think you’ll have especially helpful.


For Teams, we have several KB articles.  The introduction KB is this one:


But we also have more detailed ones for faculty:


and students:


If you have meeting creators who need some attendees to be able to make a phone call into Teams meetings, we can enable an audio conferencing license for the person who is the meeting organizer.  Details here:


If you have users who need to access a secure Windows computer on-campus because they don’t have an appropriate computer for accessing UVM data or the VPN, we have some virtual desktop infrastructure options available:


We also have instructions for how to use the new SSLVPN2:


For faculty who want to do screen captures, here is information about screencast-o-matic:


Thanks to the UVM Tech Team crew for writing up all of this great documentation.


We encourage you to check those out and continue to recommend that the clients you support use University approved systems for their remote work. 


If there are things we can be helping you with, please let us know.