If you have a google account you can tell it that you’re a uvm affiliate and it will indicate which articles we have subscriptions to. From Google Scholar it’s under settings->library links.




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sslvpn2 uses split-tunneling.  This means that if you're connecting to NON-UVM services while connected to sslvpn2, you're using your normal IP.

The idea here is to prevent sslvpn2's available bandwidth from being overwhelmed by non-UVM streaming sites or other high-bandwidth sites.

I don't know what the current answer is for off-campus people who need to connect to e.g. journal articles that gate access via IP address.


On 3/18/20 11:48 AM, Patrick J Clemins wrote:

Could someone in the libraries look at this issue below that’s cropped up since using the new VPN?



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When I go to google scholar to look up journal articles, I can usually see the 'find it @UVM' link to the side, but I don't get that now.   Also, Just tried to access via UVM library but got the error message below (I didn't do any of the things the error message says could have caused the problem).


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