I’ve noticed that sometimes the timing of the push auth method doesn’t seem to work correctly.


Maybe try getting a code from the DUO app and typing it directly into the ‘Password’ box in the VPN auth dialog just to rule out timing issues?




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Subject: VPN Issues?


Good morning… I hated writing that subject in the current state of things, but –


I had trouble logging into VPN where after I accepted the push it said “unexpected error” and wouldn’t log me in. After a few tries and a restart, I got in. I wish I screenshotted it, I might have the nomenclature wrong.


But… I just got a report from one of my users with the exact same issue. Told them to restart, but that didn’t seem to fix it. They’re continuing to try, told them that the tech team might be a next step if they can’t get in, but I’d start here.


Any thoughts?



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