Hi all,

We have a user here in SFS working remote with only intermittent access to the network drives on their laptop. Throughout the day, it feels like a coin flip on whether or not they'll be able to access anything in their S: or H: drives. Sometimes the issue manifests in an error saying the drive is not available. Other times the drive will be empty or only show a single folder with no contents (like the screenshot below).

Yesterday, I connected to their PC remotely and manually remapped their drives. We were able to click around and access both the H: and S: drive flawlessly. But not more than 5 minutes later, they only had the sfs folder listed when browsing in the S: drive (not even software!) without any of its subfolders. And this morning, they had reported to me the S: drive wasn't working, but the H: drive was... Now they can access the S: drive, but not the H: drive. And I'm sure in the time it took to compose this email, the situation may be completely different.

Unfortunately, this isn't a new issue for them. It's persisted for a while, but has become more of a nuisance with the new remote working environment. They've experienced this issue while using their laptop on campus as well as on the VPN, before the switch over to sslvpn2. They haven't noticed any drops in connection with either their home network nor the VPN nor any issues connecting to other UVM specific services (like Banner).

Has anyone experienced this issue in the past or have any troubleshooting steps we could try? The workaround for the time being has been to access those network drives via (or hope the connection comes back later), but that's not an ideal long-term solution.

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Michael Fritz
Student Financial Services