Hello fellow psych majors,


Thank you for opening this email and taking the time to read it! My name is Kate Goldberg and I am a fourth-year psychological science student at UVM.


I’m sending this email to you all because I am currently running an online research study that is available on the SONA platform and is worth 1 SONA extra credit point. The research study involves a questionnaire that takes no longer than 40 minutes to complete.


The study is being conducted to learn about how people’s beliefs and behaviors might be related to their feelings about the diagnosis of anorexia nervosa and its associated thinness.


If you are curious about this study and would like to learn more or be a participant, you can find it by logging into your SONA account and clicking on the study named, “Pro-Ana Websites, Anorexia, and Other Eating Disorders”.


The study description and full informed consent page will provide you with more information about the contents of the questionnaire. Should you choose not to participate, there will be no penalty to you.


Thank you for your time.


Stay warm!


Kate Goldberg


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