Thank you to the organizers.   Something I don't see on the list of topics,
but is one of the issues I know has come up is "Equity" of internet
access.  We have devices but many of our students don't have internet at
home (or without an accurate survey yet we can't assume they do).

How do we approach digitized distance learning for students that don't have
internet at home?  How do we create offerings that will not single-out any
individuals?    The rumors I have heard is that teachers need to plan for 2
weeks of paper only at-home lessons.   I will find out more on Monday what
the expectations are for me as the integrationist will be during this time.

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> Organized by VITA-Learn, please consider joining us on Monday, March 16th
> for two, one-hour sessions: one focused on teaching/learning and another on
> technology infrastructure.
> *We are still seeking panelists *for both sessions. We are looking for
> emerging ideas and resources. If you've had in-depth conversations at your
> building/district, please consider conversationally sharing with a wider
> audience.
> *We're also asking attendees to sign-up, too,* to share contact
> information and leave questions.
> We understand that we'll capture just a small part of the #vted
> conversation on these complex, emerging, and evolving topics, but we think
> it's great to share what some of us have been working on.
> *Panelists and Attendees, please find out more, how to connect, and sign
> up using this document:
> <>*
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