Hi folks, forgive me if anyone already mentioned this, but we are taking a closer look as we prepare teachers for virtual learning.
Originally I was excited about the ability for Teachers to reach out to students via Video (ie Read them a book via Hangouts), but then as we discussed here we are realizing that if STUDENTS participate in video conferencing, then Teachers are virtually in their home.  This is an overstep of families' privacy and could lead to unintended consequences (duh - on me), so I am sending the message to Teachers that videoconference with students is only permissible with administrator and guardian approval, and preferably guardian participation.
What are others considering?
btw, Anyone else old enough to remember this same conversation, when digital cameras hit the market!!?!
Robert Gervais
Director of Technology
Missisquoi Valley School District

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't know it well enough" Albert Einstein

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